Who we are

We are the first enterprise that exclusively employs autistic adults as IT and compliance consultants.

What we do

We offer professional IT and compliance consulting services to our clients in industry and service sectors.

Why Auticon?

Auticon activates the extraordinary talents of autistic adults in complex IT and compliance projects.

Auticon Consultants are creative lateral thinkers.

Their unconventional approach to problem solving produces tangible added value for our clients’ project teams.

Auticon Consultants have exceptional strengths:

  • Intuitive recognition of hidden patterns in mass data
  • Genuine quality awareness: seeing errors rather than searching for errors
  • Special interests and a passion for IT: in-depth technical knowledge
  • Unconditional honesty: autistic professionals tend to be forthright and honest – a significant advantage in compliance projects
  • Above-average attention to detail and concentration, even in lengthy or repetitive tasks

As featured in

The Economist - "The rise of autism"

What our clients say about us:

The Auticon consultant has been supporting us with a detailed analysis of the Allianz Group’s global ICT costs for more than one year now. Approximately 20.000 data sets from a variety of different sources have been processed for 80 different points of contact. The consultant analysed the structure of the data for upcoming evaluations using SAP, SAS VA and Excel Macros competently and independently. He effortlessly integrated into our team and directly contributed towards our English-langua…
Andrea Schulz, Allianz Group IT Reporting