About Auticon

Auticon is an award-winning IT and compliance consulting business. All Auticon consultants are on the autism spectrum. We pride ourselves in creating autism-friendly work environments as well as delivering outstanding quality to our clients.

Auticon consultants are deployed in client projects that match their skills and expertise, and they work within the client’s project team. In our experience having both autistic and non-autistic professionals in mixed project teams opens up new perspectives and will often significantly improve work output. All Auticon consultants (and our clients) are offered the support of our specially trained job coaches.

Applicants with an autism spectrum diagnosis and an interest in IT go through an application process, which begins with an informal interview and continues with a technical skills assessment and a range of workshops preparing the applicant for future client projects.

After the applicant has successfully completed the application process, the Auticon project managers will match their individual skills profile and workplace requirements with a client project. Once a suitable project has been identified, applicants are offered a permanent position as Auticon IT consultant and start working in their first project.

Our Job Coaches

Auticon consultants are offered the support of our in-house job coaches, who ensure that the consultants’ work environments allows them to live up to their full professional potential. Of course this support is voluntary and always matched to the individual needs of the consultant. Auticon job coaches

  • prepare candidates for their future workplace and brief them in terms of the specific corporate culture
  • brief future team-members in terms of autism and any specific characteristics their new autistic colleague might have
  • offer initial support with travelling to and from work until the consultant feels comfortable to travel independently
  • facilitate workplace adjustments wherever necessary and/or possible
  • mediate feedback between the client and the consultant
  • offer any other individual support that consultants require in order to be productive at work

Auticon consultants have abilities that set them apart from others: They have a genuine awareness for quality, outstanding attention to detail and intuitively recognise novel patterns in complex quantities of data. They uncover these patterns swiftly, effortlessly and free of preconceptions.

On top of that, Auticon consultants have the ability to think ‘vertically’ – the thinking style familiar to most non-autistic people, based on applying already known and familiar patterns. Auticon consultants have a sharp sense of logic, think analytically and infer exceptionally farsighted conclusions. That makes them highly innovative problem solvers.

Auticon consultants are systematically creative

This combination of systematic thinking and creative intelligence makes Auticon employees unique IT consultants: During the initial brainstorming and conceptual project stages they enhance our client’s project teams with pattern recognition and innovative capacity. When it comes to implementation, they excel with a systematic approach, attention to detail and persistent concentration – strengths that are invaluable in the field of IT quality assurance.

What our clients say about us:

The Auticon consultant has been supporting us with a detailed analysis of the Allianz Group’s global ICT costs for more than one year now. Approximately 20.000 data sets from a variety of different sources have been processed for 80 different points of contact. The consultant analysed the structure of the data for upcoming evaluations using SAP, SAS VA and Excel Macros competently and independently. He effortlessly integrated into our team and directly contributed towards our English-langua…
Andrea Schulz, Allianz Group IT Reporting