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Thank you for your interest in working with us. Please click on the button below to view our current vacancies.

When applying for IT consultant positions (e.g. data scientist, cybersecurity specialist) you will be taken to a page and asked whether or not you have a formal autism spectrum diagnosis and if you have the right to work in the UK, among a few other short questions.

You will also be asked to upload your CV.

About auticon


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  • We are an IT consulting business
  • All of our IT consultants are on the autism spectrum
  • There are ~ 250 autistic colleagues across the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and Switzerland
  • Our projects are in data analytics, cybersecurity and quality assurance
  • Our clients range from major corporations (KPMG, NatWest, Zurich Insurance, Channel 4, PwC, GSK etc.) to small enterprises and start-ups

auticon is an award-winning business. We pride ourselves in creating autism-friendly work environments as well as delivering outstanding quality to our clients.

auticon’s consultants are placed within client projects that match their skills and expertise. It is our experience that having both autistic and non-autistic professionals in mixed project teams opens up new perspectives and significantly improves diversity of ideas and innovation.

All of our consultants are supported by our experienced job coaches who come with different backgrounds but have an advanced knowledge of autism, psychology and mental health. Our clients also received input from job coaches through autism awareness training, as well as ongoing advice throughout the duration of the project.

Candidates for the role of auticon consultant go through an recruitment process, which includes a skills assessment, an informal technical chat, and a preparation workshops that prepare the applicant for client projects. Please note that this is a guideline only and that the order of individual stages may change depending on different circumstances.

We are committed to equality of opportunity in all areas of our work. You will be treated in a fair and equal manner and in accordance with the law regardless of your gender, marital status, race, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.

Our job coaches

auticon consultants and our clients are offered the support of our in-house job coaches, who ensure that the consultants’ work environments allow them to live up to their full professional potential. This support is voluntary for our consultants and always aligned with individual requests or needs.

auticon job coaches

  • prepare consultants for future workplaces and brief them in terms of specific corporate cultures
  • brief future team-members in terms of autism and any specific requests their new autistic colleague may have
  • offer initial support with travelling to and from work
  • facilitate reasonable adjustments
  • mediate feedback between the client and the consultant
  • offer any other individual support that consultants require in order to be productive at work

Professional development

Our experienced management team guides our consultants in technical and professional matters and supports professional development. The approach is collaborative, and the focus is always on individual strengths and interests. We want you to have a rewarding career at auticon and develop with us into more senior positions.

Work examples

Testing | Analysis of complex software, creation of test cases, error reporting and defect analysis, test automation

Analytics | Manual or automated analysis of data and creation of queries with SQL, MS Access, or reporting software

Compliance | Review of security processes, validation of data migrations, investigative research, and analysis of sensitive data

Coding | Development and optimisation of software in various languages, including Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, Perl, JavaScript

Our focus

Any questions?

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact careers@auticon.co.uk with any other questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you!