Our work culture

Celebrate individual difference, come together as a team

At auticon we celebrate individual difference and human diversity. We are extremely proud of our autism-positive work culture, recognising each employee for their individual strengths and talents.

We believe that society and workplaces greatly benefit from understanding and embracing autism-specific strengths. We take great care that our roles are matched to the personal skills and interests of each employee and work together with employees on developing their career.

Our values

To tackle the autism employment gap and to make best possible use of the skills that autistic people have to offer, we strongly believe that it is not autistic people who need to change – it is the environment that needs to be more understanding, aware, and respectful. It often only takes minor adjustments, or an understanding line manager, to allow autistic employees to deliver outstanding results.

In order to help facilitate conducive environments, to train our clients, and to offer a sustainable support network to our autistic colleagues, we employ our own in-house job coaches and line managers. Job coaches can support from a social/communication angle as and when needed; line managers ensure work content is well-suited to our consultants and that our clients are happy.

  • We put people first and cultivate our team spirit
  • We prize individual difference
  • We operate a commercially sustainable business
  • We act transparently with all stakeholders
  • We change perceptions by delivering excellence