Recruitment Process

Please note that this is a guideline only and that the order or content of individual stages may change.

Due to Covid-19 and the inability to carry out some of the recruitment steps in person, we have adapted the recruitment process to a remote setting. Therefore, some of these steps may not currently apply. If you progress past the application stage we will inform you about the changes.

The auticon recruitment process begins with the applicant sending in an email stating what their expertise is (in the form of a CV or text) and whether or not they are on the autism spectrum. At this point, applicants are asked to self-assess their IT knowledge via a questionnaire. If the candidate meets the criteria as per job description(s) found on the careers page here, they are invited to take part in our in-house skills assessment.

Show us your strengths

The skills assessment has been developed in partnership with researchers of Freie Universität Berlin and a group of autistic self-advocates. It is aimed at appraising an applicant’s aptitude for working as an auticon consultant. Qualifying applicants are invited in for a technical chat, and/or may take part in an auticon Preparation Workshop.

Get to know the team 

The Preparation Workshop is a three-day recruitment seminar and includes various soft skills workshops and technical or cognitive tasks. During the workshop applicants work independently as well as in small groups with other candidates, generally preparing for future project placements. This part of the recruitment process is aimed at promoting the skills to succeed in mainstream work environments, manage potential stress and anxiety, and to develop strategies to channel individual strengths in a focussed manner. Once the recruitment process has been completed successfully, candidates receive an offer of employment.

As soon as an initial project placement has been secured for the candidate, auticon issues a permanent employment contract and the applicant becomes an auticon employee. Even though auticon consultants work with external clients on a project basis, they are on auticon’s payroll and receive a salary regardless of whether they are in a project placement or not.

The amount of time between successful completion of the recruitment process and the first project placement depends on market demand for the candidate’s skills and individual strengths.

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