Frequently Asked Questions

As a business, auticon operates on the free market. Unlike a charity, a limited company is able to make a profit. Economic return, however, is not an end in itself for us, but an essential basis for investments and growth, which in turn ensure the sustainability of the employment that we offer.

We wanted to create an enterprise that deals with autism confidently and realises the potential that people on the spectrum bring to the labour market. Our goal is to shift public perceptions of autism towards what people with autism can do well rather than what they may find difficult. We are convinced that our employees are at least as skilled as non-autistic staff – and in some areas even surpass non-autistic people.

Being a business, however, also implies that we don’t get any special treatment and are exposed to competition, just like any other company. Our clients expect professional services and in turn our employees can expect sustainable careers.

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We would love to receive your application if you meet the following criteria. If you are in doubt or have any questions on this, please email

  1. An autism spectrum diagnosis (or in the process of obtaining diagnosis)
  2. The right to work in the UK
  3. Of working age
  4. Have at least one of the following: Studied towards a STEM degree, 1+ years of relevant professional experience, or the ability to code in at least 1 modern commercial programming language

We realise that many autistic people take unconventional career or education paths, which is why we focus on the actual skills of our candidates rather than their CV. Formal IT training or a degree is not essential. We do, however, expect a certain degree of IT expertise and the willingness to learn new skills. Successful candidates will need to demonstrate their technical aptitude over the course of the application process.

All auticon employees are permanently employed and paid salaries that reflect the sector we operate in.

The standard employment package includes additional benefits, such as:

  • job coaching (for consultants)
  • private medical insurance including mental health cover
  • tailored opportunities for professional development and career progression
  • season ticket loans
  • flexible work conditions

Most auticon employees work five days per week, with a contracted commitment of 8 hours per working day.

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Currently, auticon employees work predominantly from home due to Covid-19. However, we anticipate a return to some form of flexible office working in 2022.

Whilst we take into account each employee’s preferences for flexible working, some projects may require consultants to be in a position to commute to the client’s site on occasion.

Our consultants are appointed to client projects that are carefully matched to the consultant’s interest and expertise. Many of our services are offered via service contracts. Each assignment is individually coordinated with the consultant, management and job coaches. This is a discussion we take seriously and is idiosyncratic to the preferences and needs of the consultant and the client.

auticon’s business model is based on the idea that heterogeneous, neurodiverse teams bear significant additional benefits in terms of productivity, innovation and output quality.

No. All our employees, including consultants and job coaches, work in permanent contracts at auticon. We’re not an employment agency and do not refer our employees on to other potential employers.

All auticon employees receive a salary, even those consultants who are in between assignments. The times between assignments are usually used for professional development or annual leave.

auticon employs highly specialised job coaches, offering individually tailored support to consultants and acting as a continuous ‘safety net’ in the background. Job coaches facilitate the communication between consultants and clients and are available whenever either party needs support or advice. Depending on each consultant’s individual preferences, job coaches may also facilitate workplace adjustments. All our clients receive comprehensive workplace assessments and training prior to the consultants commencing their assignment.

auticon currently employs more than 300 members of staff altogether (in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland). More than 200 of those have an autism spectrum diagnosis (August 2021). Some auticon employees have additional co-occurring conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHD.

All auticon IT consultants have an autism spectrum diagnosis and so do some members of the administrative team.

auticon’s benefits can best be described as a win-win-win situation:

  • Skilled autistic jobseekers are offered autism-friendly employment that focusses on their individual strengths and talent. A fair salary promotes financial independence. The recognition our consultants receive for their successful work often brings with it a marked increase in confidence and self-esteem, altogether increasing quality of life.
  • Society also profits from the auticon model as long-term unemployed persons and benefit recipients turn into tax payers (approx. three quarters of our consultants received some kind of benefits before working at auticon). The occupational success our consultants experience often reduces need for costly support or mental health services. Finally, auticon offers a successful role model for genuine inclusion and promotes neurodiversity awareness and understanding in wider society.
  • Our clients receive services of superior quality and witness how neurodiverse teams can add value. Our clients often feed back to us that communication within their departments significantly improves upon the assignment of auticon consultants. Communication becomes increasingly clear and straightforward.

As a limited company, we are able to make a profit. As we are a social enterprise, any achieved profit is reinvested into the growth and sustainability of the company.

auticon’s daily operations are 100% self funded – all our income is generated by the work we do for our clients (we charge our clients a day rate for our services).

Our investors, who helped us set up in the UK, include Sir Richard Branson/Virgin Group and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

Unfortunately not. All our IT consultants are on the autism spectrum, without exception. An autism spectrum diagnosis is essential to work as an auticon consultant.

Positions within our back office team (i.e. anyone who works at auticon and isn’t a consultant), are open to anyone. Our back office team is neurodiverse.

Candidates who wish to work as auticon IT consultant do need an autism spectrum diagnosis – we can only employ consultants who have a valid diagnosis. We do not need to see the entire original diagnosis, but will need to see some kind of evidence, e.g. confirmation from your GP, therapist or other qualified healthcare provider.

You are welcome to apply for a consultant position if you self-identify as autistic and are currently in the process of getting a diagnosis. Please note that we can only employ consultants who do receive a diagnosis at the end of that process.

Any non-consultant vacancies at auticon are open to candidates with or without autism spectrum diagnosis.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any of these options at the moment. We currently only offer permanent employment contracts.

Please refer to our careers page for further information.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer training opportunities to anyone who isn’t employed at auticon.

All our employees receive regular training and opportunities for professional development, but we do not currently offer any training for candidates external to our organisation.

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Please email for any questions or comments. We’re always happy to help!