Fruitful collaboration with Beiersdorf Shared Services - auticon

Fruitful collaboration with Beiersdorf Shared Services

Auticon Consultant on duty at one of Germany’s largest corporations

Beiersdorf team with Auticon Consultant Tim

Beiersdorf Shared Services’ collaboration with Auticon a full success: the first mutual project was a rewarding experience for both Beiersdorf and the autistic IT Consultant.

About Auticon

Auticon is an award-winning IT B2B consulting business. All Auticon consultants are on the autism spectrum. We pride ourselves in creating autism-friendly work environments as well as delivering outstanding quality to our clients.

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June to August 2015, Auticon Consultant Tim Salig joined a pilot project of the Beiersdorf Shared Services Manufacturing & Master Data team. The entire team was keen to prepare for and get to know their autistic colleague in advance. The agile nature of the project meant that the task at hand quickly evolved from quality management towards programming from scratch – with great success.

“It just worked out brilliantly. Tim brought a sense of quality to the team that goes far beyond the obvious” reports Team Leader Michael Rönn, who has worked closely with Tim Salig over the course of the project. “Just like there isn’t ‘that IT guy’, there is no such thing as ‘that autistic guy’. We realised right from the start that the team effort could only be successful when we all accept each other’s individualistic personalities. I know that some autistic adults prefer to work on their own but Tim greatly appreciated the togetherness of the team, not only on an occupational but also on a social level.”

To be continued…

“We will most definitely extend and intensify the collaboration with Auticon”, summarises Barbara Saunier, Beiersdorf Shared Services’ Managing Director. “We are planning to integrate further Auticon consultants in the medium- but also in the long-term.”

Since October 2015, Tim is back at Beiersdorf Shared Services and will tie up any loose ends as well as take on new tasks within the Manufacturing & Master Data team. “We thought about Tim’s tasks very carefully”, explains Jörg Meier, Department Manager EAMS. “In that team we had specific demands and an ideal framework to facilitate this fruitful collaboration – and it truly paid off.”

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