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Insurance industry takes ‘huge step forward’ in boosting diversity and inclusion in the workplace

auticon, a ground-breaking IT/ Data consultancy whose consultants all have a diagnosis of autism, has made great strides in boosting diversity and inclusion in the insurance industry, thanks to a new global service agreement between the unique social enterprise and Zurich Insurance Group.

My ongoing employment journey as an autistic technologist 

As for me, I’m 22 years old, and although I’m not a college graduate, I am autistic, and I’ve felt the sting of a bad job interview many times over.

Providing innovative accommodations in autism-friendly workspaces

While workplace accommodations like dimming the lights and wearing noise-canceling headphones are essential to autistic workers, it’s time to dive deeper into the conversation of workplace accommodations for autism.

Where will they work?

With global unemployment trending down since 2010 according to the World Bank, auticon is encouraging readers to consider those that are not reflected among these figures.

Autistic-majority IT Services Company Measures Impact and Benefits of Employment in New Report

auticon just released its Global Impact Report measuring employee growth in professional development, confidence, and personal autonomy.

auticon’s 2020 Global Impact Report

As a social enterprise, auticon works to improve the lives of autistic adults by applying their valuable skills in information technology to clients and their workplaces. The results of our global employee survey are herein: