PRESS RELEASE: Collaboration with SAP - auticon

PRESS RELEASE: Collaboration with SAP

The largest European software corporation SAP and Auticon are as of now collaborating in the field of education/training. Auticon is the first German enterprise to exclusively employ autistic staff as IT specialists. SAP aims to increase job chances for autistic jobseekers and has announced to recruit hundreds of people with autism by 2020.

Berlin, 11.06.2014

In order to promote professional expertise in the latest trendsetting applications, SAP grants Auticon consultants access to its internal e-learning platform. Within this framework Auticon consultants specifically train in the areas of finance and business intelligence. Many people on the autism spectrum are particularly apt to delve into new topics and become experts in their fields. SAP’s e-learning tool facilitates this autodidactic style of learning.

‘Our consultants frequently apply SAP solutions in client projects. Now they have the opportunity to reinforce their expertise in a focussed manner, which is why we would like to thank SAP. This collaboration demonstrates that SAP takes the inclusion of people with autism in the mainstream labour market seriously’, states Kurt Schöffer, Auticon’s managing director.

Many people on the autism spectrum have difficulties accessing the mainstream labour market. A mere 5-10% are in skilled employment in Germany. Auticon offers employment at competitive salaries, focussing on autism-specific talents and skills. Many autistic employees have remarkable strengths in the areas of concentration and pattern recognition, and are interested in IT, physics, mathematics and technology. This creates a predisposition towards jobs in IT quality assurance, analysing and optimising large amounts of data. Logical thinking and a detail-oriented processing style renders autistic employees exceptional problem solvers and valuable members of staff.

This is where Auticon comes in, being the first social enterprise to directly employ autistic consultants in the field of IT quality assurance across Germany. Auticon clients include international organisations with in house IT departments as well as SMEs. In order for consultants to realise their full occupational potential, Auticon also employs specially trained job coaches who provide an interface between clients and consultants. Job coaches offer support whenever needed and facilitate autism-related workplace adjustments.

Auticon links a social motivation with entrepreneurial standards: Auticon consultants benefit from rewarding employment opportunities attuned to individual strengths and characteristics; clients benefit from outstanding quality assurance.


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