How HR can better support neurodiverse employees

The workplace can sometimes be challenging for employees with neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, and dyslexia. They often struggle with social interaction, attention, learning, and other skills traditionally viewed as prerequisites for success at work.

The HR Director

Accessing neurodiversity talent key to filling skillls gap

Neurodiverse people, such as those with a diagnosis of autism spectrum condition, often have exceptional skills such as pattern recognition, logical thinking, central coherence (attention to detail) and accuracy, which make autistic candidates strong contenders for many STEM roles requiring these capabilities.


Financial Times

Neurodiversity can empower the workplace

But attitudes are changing as employers come to view neurodiversified people as a human good that society should treasure, and not as a risk of being marginalized. Neurodiversity, which is both a neurological concept and a social movement, is emerging as the “last frontier” of the diversity debate.

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auticon launches autism advisory services

Because neurodivergent people are wired differently from “neurotypical” people, they may bring new perspectives to a company’s efforts to create or recognise value. The case for neurodiverse hiring is especially compelling given the skills shortages that increasingly afflict technology and other industries.


Improving the lives of adults with autism

A great business is one that values new perspectives, different ideas and broader ways of thinking. This is why it’s so important to build a neurodiverse and inclusive workforce.

The Sunday Times

Dyslexic, dyspraxic – why neurodiversity is good for business

Smaller companies could benefit from the creativity that comes from people who think differently.



What’s it really like to be autistic in the workplace?

Beyond the cliché of being ‘good at maths’, people on the autistic spectrum can contribute hugely as employees and also help to make workplaces better for everyone.

Wired UK

Employing autistic individuals

The employment outlook for autistic people can be bleak – but Auticon, a social enterprise, has found a way to harness the unique attributes of these workers.

Edinburgh News

Social enterprise creates IT roles for autistic adults at new Edinburgh base

A unique social enterprise helping to create roles in the tech sector for those on the autism spectrum has launched a new base in the Capital.

BBC News Scotland

Autistic adults sought for tech jobs in Scotland

A social enterprise is aiming to create more jobs for autistic adults in Scotland after launching a new base in Edinburgh.The move by Auticon UK, which exclusively employs IT consultants on the autism spectrum, follows a tie-up with Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

Evening Standard

World Autism Day: How tech is empowering people with autism in the workplace

Only 16 per cent of people with autism are in full-time employment. These organisations are trying to change that…

BBC News

The firm whose staff are all autistic

Auticon is one of only a handful of companies that cater exclusively for employees who are on the autistic spectrum.

Thomson Reuters Foundation News

No social skills required: autistic staff help IT firm thrive

More than one in 100 people worldwide are estimated to have autism, a developmental disorder that can lead to social, communication and behavioural challenges and make it difficult to get or keep a job.


Financial Times

Hire people who think differently to reap rewards

More employers are seeing the appeal of hiring staff on the spectrum.

Financial News London

Banks wake up to benefits of hiring autistic people

Goldman, Deutsche and JPMorgan are actively seeking to recruit people with autism amid the struggle to lure tech workers.


How the workplace benefits from neurodiversity

These days, most of us appreciate the importance of a diverse and inclusive workplace when it comes to age, gender, sexuality and ethnicity. But the idea of a neurodiverse workplace – where people who think in different ways are welcome, and catered for – is still relatively new.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

The Difference Curve

Auticon aims to change society’s perception of people on the autism spectrum for the benefit of businesses and employees alike.


The Guardian

How do you solve the trickiest problems in the workplace? Employ more autistic people

Neurodiversity can be a huge advantage for companies, yet people on the spectrum have often been marginalised. Now some firms are specifically seeking them out. Is this a crucial turning point?

The Independent

Richard Branson reveals the three companies he most admires

‘I look for business ideas that will improve people’s lives’


Computer Weekly

Auticon: the IT consultancy that employs only autistic IT professionals

IT consultancy Auticon explains why and how it employs only autistic consultants and why diversity is beneficial for businesses.


Richard Branson Supports People With Disabilities — Here Are Six Ways You Can Do It, Too

People with disabilities are a type of underrepresented minority that is often overlooked when discussing Diversity & Inclusion.

The Economist

Spectrum shift (The rise of autism)

Children in the rich world are far more likely to be diagnosed with autism than in the past. Why is this and what can be done to help them lead fulfilling lives?


IT consultancy which hires only autistic people launches in UK

A Germany-headquartered IT consultancy which exclusively hires IT staff with autism has launched in the UK, searching for channel partners to link with.