Testing & Quality Management

Assuring the quality of software requires accurate visual scanning, interconnected thinking and perseverance.

Auticon consultants take these elements to the next level – rather than looking for errors, they intuitively see errors. Rather than merely carrying out repetitive tasks, they complete these with enthusiasm, exceptional attention to detail and sustained concentration. Bugs don’t stand a chance when Auticon consultants apply their unique visual and analytical abilities.

Siemens AG

Two Auticon consultants supported us in a project by analysing, developing and implementing functional system and regression tests. They familiarised themselves with the work very quickly and within the first week they were able to surpass the average number of processed test cases of 125 per day by almost 50 %. Their creative reorganisation of the testing procedure enabled the processing of more than 1000 test cases within two days.

Both consultants were keen and able to take on tasks beyond testing, involving a highly dynamic change- and configuration management style. They did a particularly great job with compiling the identified issues into error clusters. We are more than satisfied with the Auticon consultants’ pace and quality of work.

Rainer Degenhardt Program Manager

Telekom Innovation Laboratories

The Auticon employee familiarised himself extremely quickly with our structures and settled into our quality assurance framework completely independently. Releases regarding internal processes now even require authorisation by the Auticon employee. Further tasks, such as the provisioning of our products and much more, were entrusted to the employee in order to pave the way for successful future collaborations.

Dr. Philipp OffermannDirector Product

What we offer:

Our consultants have a keen eye for the details and benefit from exceptionally unyielding concentration – always delivering meticulous results.

Identification of errors according to ISTQB guidelines, V model or client-specific testing procedures

Creation and documentation of test cases in HPQC, VectorCast, Cantata and many more

Testing within agile and Scrum projects

Blackbox and Whitebox testing

Unit, module, integration and system testing

Boundary value analysis

Code reviews require a particularly sharp eye and the relentless identification of errors along with the ability to recognise potential for improvement – a task our consultants are predisposed to with their unique skills in pattern recognition and analytical thinking.

Execution of static and dynamic code reviews

Code analysis in JAVA, C#, C, C++, PHP, Perl and other languages

Automation of code reviews and integration into daily development procedures (pre/post commit)

Our consultants thrive in this strategic area. Their remarkable ability to think in causal chains of events, anticipating potential consequences, the sharpest attention to detail and an intuitive feeling for quality are an invaluable addition to any project team.

Selection and implementation of test automation tools: Selenium, TOSCA and many more

Development of test plans

Development and evaluation of test concepts and strategies

Test monitoring and incident management

The testing of embedded systems for user friendliness and adherence to guidelines calls for tremendous attention to detail whilst maintaining an overview of the concept on the whole. That’s where our consultants score big – with “eagle eyes”, genuine quality awareness and sustained concentration.

Usability analysis of hard and software

Testing and optimisation of graphical user interfaces (GUIs, websites)

Checking documentations, user manuals and guidebooks for consistency

Assuring compliance with style guides and design templates

Analysis of embedded systems

Assurance of rule conformity (e.g. MISRA C:2012)