Welcome to our new colleague Laura! - auticon

Welcome to our new colleague Laura!

We are very pleased to welcome Laura to our London office. Laura will support our back office team for the next 6 months.


“Hello everyone, 

I would like to take a minute to formally introduce myself. 

My name is Laura and I just finished my 5th semester studying Sociology, Politics and Economics at Zeppelin University in the south of Germany. I chose this field of studies, because I personally believe sociology and politics are crucial to develop a thorough economic understanding. In my studies I specifically focus on business psychology with courses such as Psychology of Decision-Making, Behavioural Business Ethics and Compliance and Integrity Management. 

I am the youngest of four children and am very fond of travelling, sports, art and architecture. Currently, I’m taking a semester off to work with Auticon in the London office for 6 months. I have had the privilege to complete an internship at Auticon in Munich 1 and a half years ago and am very passionate about Auticon’s economic approach to achieve a social benefit.




Auticon: info@auticon.co.uk, 02032 9090 28

Click here for an overview of the Auticon back office team in London

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